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NAAAP is the largest and fastest growing Asian and Pacific Islander professionals association and NAAAP Xiamen is the first chapter to open in China. You will get immediate benefits from pioneering as a member in a Chapter the whole world will set its eyes on, creating big news both national- and internationally at the NAAAP National Convention 2016 (August 11th to 13th) attended by successful business executives, entrepeneurs and powerful influencers (celebrities, politicians and media).

We offer different types of memberships in order to fit your personal situation and career development needs. For more information on how to join NAAAP Xiamen, contact us at info@naaapxiamen.org.

We are Pan Asian & Inclusive… NAAAP Xiamen welcomes all ethnicities and professionals from a wide range of business sectors and industries to connect and build lasting relationships and mutual respect. It’s about you, your lifestyle and aspirations to be a valued part of a community that represents your continued personal growth and passion.

High Impact & High Value Content… NAAAP Xiamen’s events and programs are designed to empower and cultivate leadership capacity and nurture career advancement.  We hope to have you fully experience our vision and mission with other like-minded professionals who also value peer support, redefining the boundaries of personal potential while building opportunities along the way.

An Ambitious & Driven Profile… Members of NAAAP-Xiamen are ambitious, talented Professionals and entrepreneurs, develop contact networks and further their success potential.

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