Shanghai 3D Printing Conference

A project supported by NAAAP Xiamen

December 21st, 2016, the Technologial Licensing Framework for 3D Printing Content: A Focus on China, took place in Shanghai, China, attracted a large number of professionals and enterprises from more than 150 countries.


Supporting Association


NAAAP Xiamen was one of the main supporting associations

Project background 

Legislation is always one step behind the innovation, the availability of open source, where creative designers upload their designs online and interested printers to download for free, has led to a ambiguous relationship between the development of 3D printing industry and law of intellectual property.

The professional law background academics from the collaboration of University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus, University of Exeter, University of Sussex, University of Durham and Chinese University of Politics and Laws has proposed an idea of automatic single copyright online licensing platform, in order to tackle with this legal issue in 3D printing.

With this platform, where all the contents are IP protected through embeded watermarking system, or RFID that could regulate authorized 3D printing designs in China by tracking content and product information from A-Z activities throughout the value chain.


Keynote Speakers

James Griffin — University of Exeter, Project Investigator

Abhilash Nair — Lecturer in Internet Law

Jun, LUO — CEO of World 3D Printing Technology industry Association

Lianfeng, WANG — Chairman of Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association

Yiwu, HUANG — Deputy Director of Shanghai Food and Drug Authority

Xiaoting, SONG — Director of Health Law and Pharmaceutical IP Reseach Center, Tongli Law School

Dennis Yu — Chairman of Zhejiang Makers’ Service Association

Phoebe Li — Associate Professor in Law, University of Sussex


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