Zengcuoan Artistic Youth Festival 2016

Zengcuoan Artistic Youth Festival

A fantastic program supported by NAAAP Xiamen


  • Enjoy a series of wonderful performances presented by artists from across world.
  • Experience the amazing Xiamen local tourism culture.
  • Find reliable business partners in local catering, hotel and media industry.



On Beijing Time November 7th,Zengcuoan, a tourism destination for over 10,000,000 tourists to Xiamen per year, a paradise for young entrepreneurial , a sanctuary for young artists, also known as ‘the Most Artistic Fishing Village of China’, has attracted artists and audience across the world and over 100 local business to join this yearly party which has been successfully held for the fifth times, and started the Zengcuoan Artistic Youth Festival.

 The Zengcuoan Artistic Youth Festival was a major project for local tourism industry to forge the city into a topclass international tourisim destination and to attract investment. The festival is a vivid platform for local young artists and business to show their unique cultural characteristics.



This years the festival was supported by Siming District Bureau of CommerceBinhai subdistrict officeNAAAP Xiamen and several other organizations, in order to further increase the quality of each events in the festival and promote the reputation of ‘the Most Artistic Fishing Village of China’ brand. Over 100 business sponsored the party with performance, prizes and ancillary activities.



The performance included local folk music and independent music presented by different bands and Chinese Martial Art Show. The audience showed their appreciation with thunderous applause for several times. The prizes offered by sponsors for the ancillary activities such as Iphone 7, cash coupon for local restaurants and vouchers for local B&B, has also ignited excitement of the audience.



From November 7th till 11th, with Live Folk Music Festival, Local Food Culture Festival and the very first The Best B&B of Xiamen Golden Card Award and B&B Culture Festival three theme events following, the Zengcuoan Artistic Youth Festival will last for five days.


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